/World’s Fastest Rapper [Guinness Primetime]

World’s Fastest Rapper [Guinness Primetime]

The Dog Solution

Rap begins at 2:00. You can stop assisting currently.

This is the full presentation of Rebel XD's incredible performance on Fox's old program, Guinness World Records Primetime. I previously had this tape-recorded on VHS in addition to almost all the Guinness episodes.

I have actually prowled around the net as well as I have actually located this similar video clip, but it was referred to as in Italian and also it was cut short so we would just see Rebel XD's performance, so I determined to put the whole segment, from Cris Collinsworth's intro, to the Stenotype reporter's hilarious take on the rap. Enjoy.

||1/4/17 EDIT|| |
Currently with dealt with shut subtitles! Now you can really read and also hear what he's saying, so quit mashing your key-boards, you fantastic, gorgeous dumb people.

Rebel XD's youtube profile:

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Can a person describe what is the attraction of playing this video at x2 speed? It kind of beats the point in making something much faster when it was currently quick to begin with.