/Why Goddess Saraswati cursed the Guru Drona | ARTHA | AMAZING FACTS

Why Goddess Saraswati cursed the Guru Drona | ARTHA | AMAZING FACTS

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Dronacharya was slammed for his pride and also pompousness, house siding with Adharma despite being an Acharya. Yet what did he do that Goddess Saraswati got infuriated and cursed him in return?

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1 Dronacharya or Drona was the Expert of Kaurav and also Pandava royal princes, educating them in innovative army arts.
2 Dronacharya was thought to be partial in the direction of Arjuna as he was extensively excited by his focus and also drive.
3 He once guaranteed Arjuna that he would become the greatest archer on earth.
4 To maintain his word, Dronacharya resorted to injustice by cheating Ekalavya and also Karna.
5 Drona denied the demand of both Eklavya and also Karna to become their educator, just because they really did not come from Kshatriya class.
6 He also demanded Ekalavya's right thumb as Expert Dakshina, when he discovered that he was a higher archer than Arjuna.
7 His unjust actions made Goddess Saraswati furious and she cursed him, to have an unarmed and humiliating death.
8 According to her, understanding belonged to all as well as it was an Acharya's responsibility to spread it instead of preferring one.

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