/US Elections: 5 Facts you DIDN’T know about voting in the US | Free Documentary

US Elections: 5 Facts you DIDN’T know about voting in the US | Free Documentary

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Top 5 Realities – US Elections: 5 Unknown Facts concerning the Presidential Political election

Whether you like it or otherwise, the political elections for US presidency are of relevance worldwide and to be truthful, it's nearly difficult to overlook. So we chose to give a brief, sweet and also very informative guide on how the US election for POTUS jobs. Due to the fact that it's not as simple as the person with one of the most ballots wins. Nope, it's means a lot more complicated.

Below are our five most important realities bordering the election for the next president of the United States, pressed into 13 mins of interesting goodness.

00:00 Intro
00:20 5. Astronauts can vote from room
02:10 4. The last president from a different component was elected in 1850
04:46 3. Whoever gets more votes, doesn't necessarily win
07:55 2. It's an old males billionaire video game
09:52 1. The elections were not actually democratic for a long period of time

The United States is a government republic of 50 states and also a representative freedom. Basically, it's the longest existing freedom worldwide, as well as has been this beacon of flexibility as well as expect individuals worldwide, consequently rate of interest in the presidential elections is large ie a little a circus.

Choosing a new head of state takes place every four years on the initial Tuesday in November.

So you can understand an instead crazy complex procedure, we've put together a five top facts that'll assist you comprehend how and why the next person reaches the office to turns into one of one of the most effective leaders on earth.

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