/United States Presidential Election Results (From 1789)

United States Presidential Election Results (From 1789)

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United States Presidential Political Election Outcomes (1789-2016):.

The election of the President of the USA is an indirect election in which residents of the USA that are registered to vote in among the fifty UNITED STATE states or in Washington, D.C., cast tallies not directly for those offices, however rather for participants of the UNITED STATE Electoral College, called electors. These electors after that consequently cast straight ballots, known as electoral votes, for President. The candidate that obtains an outright majority of electoral votes (at least 270 out of a total amount of 538, because the Twenty-Third Modification provided ballot civil liberties to residents of D.C.) is after that chosen to that workplace. If no prospect gets an absolute majority of the choose president, your home of Representatives picks the champion.

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