/Top 25 Amazing Facts About Elephant

Top 25 Amazing Facts About Elephant

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Top 25 Amazing Facts About Elephant

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01. Elephants can listen to one another's trumpeting telephone calls as much as 5 miles (8 kilometers) away.
02. Elephants can obtain sunburned so they secure themselves with sand.
03. Concerning 100 elephants are being eliminated everyday for their ivory.
04. An elephant can scent water from 12 miles away.
05. Edison electrocuted an elephant in 1903 to show Tesla's AC current was dangerous.
06. When the "Elephant Whisperer" Lawrence Anthony passed away, a herd of elephants reached his home to mourn him.
07. Elephants are expectant for 2 years.
08. Africa is residence to the world's biggest living land animal, the African elephant, and also the tallest, the Giraffe.
09. Elephants are the only mammals, besides human beings, to have chins.
10. Elephants generally only rest 2 or 3 hrs daily.
11. A grown-up elephant requires up to 300 kg of food and also 160 litres of water each day.
12. An elephant's pair of tusks may surpass 441 pounds (200 kg).
13. Elephants are scared of bees.
14. 96 elephants are killed on a daily basis in Africa.
15. African elephants have the very best sense of odor in the pet kingdom.
16. Among the globe's most costly coffee brand names is made from the dung of Thai elephants.
17. African elephants can identify human languages, genders and ages related to threat.
18. Elephants can swim. They utilize their trunk to take a breath like a snorkel in deep water.
19. On one episode of "Price Is Right," an elephant was supplied as a "incentive reward." The contestant won, insisted on the reward, and also a real-time elephant from Kenya needed to be delivered to him.
20. The biggest elephant on record evaluated concerning 24,000 extra pounds (10,886 kg) with a height of 13 feet (3.96 m).
21. Elephants can discover rain 150 miles away.
22. Elephant brains can consider as high as 5 KG (11 LB), greater than the brain of any type of other land pet.
23. Computer mouse sperm is larger than elephant sperm.
24. Canines and elephants are the only pets that appear to naturally recognize pointing.
25. Elephants as well as monkeys can show habits patterns comparable to post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression.

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