/Top 10 facts about New year in Hindi | Top 10 New Year Traditions | नए साल के 10 अनसुने और रोचक तथ्य

Top 10 facts about New year in Hindi | Top 10 New Year Traditions | नए साल के 10 अनसुने और रोचक तथ्य

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In this video, I have described concerning the Leading 10 New Year realities which probably you have never listened to off thus far. In the starting it covers the topic, just how 01 January party was started and by whom.

Next off, you will certainly likewise learn the background of today's calendar as well as exactly how it came into the picture. Next topics covers, just how the Months of the year obtained their names as well as their beginning.
In the Middle of the video, there is information concerning some weird superstitious notion adheres to by countries likewise how north Oriental and also Ethiopian has various calendar the Gregorian schedule.
End of the series has the info as well as fascinating reality regarding 2010 Suicide bomber "Black widow".

And at the last countdown, you will certainly recognize that we can utilize the old schedules too.

The information are as below in timeline.

10. When 01 Jan party started? # 0:19.
09. Julian vs Gregorian Schedule? # 0:50.
08. Exactly how Schedule Months obtained named? # 01:21.
07. Facts regarding New Year Resolution? # 02:05.
06. North Oriental celebrating Year 107 # 02:42.
05. Ethiopian 2011 celebration this year # 03:14.
04. Concerning Russian, Chinese & Indian New Year # 03:47.
03. ## ??
02. ## ??
01. ##??

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