/Top 10 Amazing Facts About Paul Walker

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Paul Walker

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Hey YouTube, Jim below! Invite to Top10Archive! You may understand him as Brian O'Conner from the Quick and the Furious collection, however the late star was a lot more than a one-note celebrity. Though his career was interrupted by a fatal car crash in 2013, Pedestrian may have had a heftier job than numerous know. With all of the love he's been receiving in the comments of our "10 Remarkable Actors That Died While Filming Films" video, we thought we 'd connect to his fans with these 10 impressive facts concerning Paul Walker.

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10. Walker's Earlier Job
9. He Understood Martial Art, as well!
8. Keeping the Belief
7. What a Modest Male
6. A Footwear in for Fast and the Furious
5. Part-Time Stuntman
4. Involving the Uphams
3. Jedi Aspirations
2. Paul Pedestrian, Marine Biologist
1. Connect Worldwide

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