/The World’s Largest Video Game Collection – Michael Thomasson’s Guinness Book of World Records Event

The World’s Largest Video Game Collection – Michael Thomasson’s Guinness Book of World Records Event

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The Guinness Publication of Globe Records validated that I have "The Largest Collection of Videogames" with the count being 10,607 at the time. I am now coming close to 12,000 distinct video games in my collection.

When I purchased the 2011 Player's Version of the Guinness Book of World Records and also saw the entry, I recognized that I was close otherwise currently over the standing record. I after that began to track my collection with Video game Enthusiast videogame supply software program from Collectorz.com. I suggest it to others thinking about doing the very same. It is the only software application that I might discover that was capable of logically sorting such a huge collection.

Richard Lecce had actually previously held the document since September of 2010. Guinness noted his collection consisting of over 8,000 video game titles. An amusing story – I acquire video games in bulk from a number of dealerships. I made the error of telling one supplier in particular that I was going for the document. As it ends up, that supplier also marketed games to Richard as well as provided him a heads up that I was "gunning for the document." Because of this, I quit buying from that vendor and quietly built up my collection to be a number of thousand games over the existing document simply to assure that I removed it.

I maintained my getting down to less than $3000 each year. So, I waited for deals as I would never have gotten to the number I did if I went out and also bought every brand-new game launched at $60 a pop. The last video game that I paid complete price was the video game Shenmue for the Dreamcast on Nov. 8th, 2000.

The endeavor with Guinness was a long road to travel. The documentation (as well as photo & video entries) needed was extensive. The box of needed materials was massive and evaluated a good twenty+ pounds.

I formally got in touch with Guinness on April 27th, 2012, the count was verified on Dec. 3rd, 2012, Guinness made it official on July 11, 2013, and I obtained my certificate in the mail on August 5th, 2013.

Certified and also Expert Participants that handled the main Guinness matter consisted of John-Paul Dyson, the Director of the International Center for the Background of Digital Gamings, part of the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York. The second professional was Leonard Herman, Videogame historian and author, author of the clear-cut background of videogames, Phoenix metro: The Autumn as well as Rise of Videogames, among others.

A bit concerning my background with pc gaming the development of the collection: In 1978 I rode my bike with my big bro to the local Milk Queen for a refreshing Mr. Misty and also rather saw a huge hulking box in the center of the dining establishment. It was a Space Invaders that ended up taking my quarters that I had actually saved for my slushy. The rest is history.

My very first game was Cosmic Avenger for the Colecovision. It was a gift from my grandparents offered to me on Xmas Eve. I believed without a doubt that an actual Colecovision would really arise the adhering to day but it was the hot Christmas thing as well as marketed out everywhere, so that really did not happen. I looked at the Cosmic Avenger box as well as read the hand-operated daily up until the following when a Colecovision system did finally emerge. We mosted likely to hook it up, the Donkey Kong display showed up on the television and afterwards nearly promptly a snow storm knocked the power out. Ultimately I had to go to bed, and as quickly as my head struck the pillow, the power returned on as well as I laid there in bed paying attention to my large brother and also sister play up until I ultimately dropped off to sleep. It was the very best present my moms and dads ever before gave me other than their love.

I marketed my whole collection in late 1989 to elevate cash to purchase a Sega Genesis, basically pushing the reset button.

My better half's papa passed away when she was three, so when we got married in 1998, we really did not have the conventional father-of-the-bride to aid pay for the wedding, so we funded the majority of the festivities ourselves. Consequently, I liquidated total collections for the Sega Master System and also the TurboGrafx-16 to assist pay fund the occasion. I have actually considering that reacquired the majority of the games throughout the years, however some titles such as Magical Chase are still elusive, which is a lot more amusing when one considers nitty-gritty!

I have a 100+ various pc gaming platforms and expanding. To get to this number, I have had to get some extremely unusual systems that even one of the most die-hard players may not also realize exist, such as the Casio Loopy, Apple's Pippin, Epoch's Super Cassette Vision, & even the CougarBoy from Brazil.

On the side I operate a volunteer hobbyist company that releases "Homebrew Gamings" – A homebrew title is a new game developed for a classic video game console such as the initial Atari consoles that standard software program authors have actually abandoned. Primarily, brand-new ready old gaming consoles. Right here is a link to my internet site: as well as a direct web link to my biography that includes my participation within the video gaming industry:

A BIG thanks to Ms. Brianna Space the digital photographer & videographer that recorded this event & prepared this very video clip.