/Store Credit Cards vs Regular Credit Cards

Store Credit Cards vs Regular Credit Cards

Credit cards are all the same. That’s what many believe. Whether the opinion is positive or negative, the truth is, credit cards are not all the same. There are traditional and non-traditional credit cards. They vary in what they offer, terms, interest rates, credit limits, and other factors. Which, then, is the best? The answer depends on what can best provide for one’s financial needs. It may be a traditional type of credit card with traditional benefits. Or it could be as non- traditional as an online store credit cards guaranteed approval.

Traditional Credit Cards 
To find out what works best, one must first know how to differentiate credit card types. What are the common or traditional ones? American Express, Discover, Mastercard, Visa. All are well-known traditional types of credit cards called network cards. These major cards are accepted around the world. Not all retailers accept them, though.

Some networks set the fees but not the customer charges. It’s the issuers — the banks and credit unions — that decide on the charges. Regular credit cards can provide the following:
● Protection in disputes over card-bought goods and services
● Extension of the original product warranty
● Coverage of items, whether damaged, lost or stolen