/Square video for instagram How to Make a Square Video Online.

Square video for instagram How to Make a Square Video Online.

Square Videos are everywhere you look, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin.

But how do you create a square video?

I am going to reveal to you how to effortlessly create square videos online with the online video editor Content Samurai.

Also, learn how to obtain a free 7-day free trial.

As you know, video is now critical for getting recognition on Social Media, and making videos has been challenging, expensive, a highly technical process and time-consuming.

Until now …

Content Samurai’s video creation system is SO SIMPLE TO USE and can help you generate tons of professional videos whether or not you know nothing about creating videos.

Now allow me to show you in 6 steps how quick and straightforward you can make square videos using Content Samurai’s square video editor.

Step 1 Choose a Template

When you initially login into the online video editor, click on create a new video.

Next, “video for social media.” will be the initial set of templates you will see.

But you can also create a video from an article or blog post, a sales video, video for your online course and real estate property listing videos.

The possibilities are never-ending.

But today, I’m going to concentrate on creating square videos.

The viral meme type template is used to convert a landscape video into a square video, or you can select from the number of square video templates which can be used to crop landscape video into a square.

I am going to select the viral meme template, which is my favorite for getting attention on Social Media.

Once you select your template, you will have the option to use the template as is or to customize it with your brand colors and change the fonts.

For the sake of this demo, I am going to use the template as is.

Step 2 Write or Paste Your Video Script.

Next, input a title for your video.

Then write or paste in your video script.

For the benefit of speed and time, I am going to use a quote for my video script.

Step 3 Edit Your Video Scenes

Next, click on “create scenes for your video.”

As you can see, online video editor will automatically select video clips for your script.

Your Content Samurai subscription features access Storyblock, which has over 700,000 royalty-free video clips to add to your video projects.

You also can upload your video clips.

If you don’t like the video clips, the system selects for your video project, enter your keyword, and change the video clip within the scene.

Step 4 Add a Voice track.

Next click on “add voice track to your video.”

You have the choice to have music only, automated voice if you don’t wish to use your voice, record your voice with their online voice recorder, or upload your voice track.

I’m going to make “music only video.”

Step 5 Preview and Generate Your Video

Once you have selected your voice track option, click “preview your video.”

Content Samurai has a selection of music tracks you can choose from or upload your music track.

You can create and add watermarks and manually adjust timing to your video scenes.

Once you have made your video modifications, click on “Looks Good, Continue” and create your video.

Step 6 Download Your Video

Once your video is complete, click download and post the video to Facebook, Linkedin, or Instagram.

So there you have it. Content Samurai is a foolproof online video editor for square videos or any other type of video you need to make.

If you are a complete novice or if you want a speedy and convenient way to make videos for social media marketing, click here to get a 7-day free trial.

Please know that if you purchase through our link, we do receive a tiny commission from the referral.

It doesn’t change the fact that they allow you test drive their square video app 7-days totally free and you get to keep the videos that you make.

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