/Self Adhesive Christmas Name Tags Stickers – 80 Pcs

Self Adhesive Christmas Name Tags Stickers – 80 Pcs

1. Christmas label tags for gifts are probably the last thing you think about when it comes to holiday gifts, but they have the ability to be the perfect finishing touch. Don’t ruin everything at the last minute and just write “To: Mom” in sharpie on top! If you just want something simple and easy, these 80 PCS set self adhesive Christmas gift tags sticker are exactly what you need!

2. Any type of ink works great on the Christmas name tags stickers with no smudges. Since the top of the Christmas labels for gifts is kraft paper, you can write on it with a regular pen, pencil, or sharpie. Also, you don’t need to worry about fitting in these holiday gift tags because they go well with many wrapping papers. Each Christmas gift tags sticker is 2 by 3 inches in size which is big enough to write on.

3. Pulling off the gift tags sticker Christmas gives you an easy application without messing up. No worries about needing a tape since the Christmas present tags are very sticky. These are very useful especially when in a hurry and don’t want to take the time to tie on the Christmas sticker tags. The Christmas labels self adhesive will not disappoint you of falling off the gifts even when transporting.

4. Gifts are best presented when done in an artful way with these Christmas Name Tags for gifts. The patterns are clear, flat, and designed well. The xmas gift tags are 80 pieces on each set in natural brown kraft paper. Packaged in an easy to use roll box, these holiday labels consist of 20 pieces on each design that will fit any gift. These good quality christmas tags for gifts are easily removed from the roll and matched well on different packages.

5. Finishing your gifts with the christmas name stickers will make it perfect for a Christmas gift. The designs are lovely and in a good size to write on. You can store the christmas gift tags selfadhesive safely in their box until next year year. With 20 pieces on each of the 4 designs, the xmas gift tags are totally a winner for everyone!