/Please support me on my Patreon Page

Please support me on my Patreon Page

Hello Prospective Patron,

I have written two self-published best selling
books on Amazon. One book was a business book to maximize profits in your
business. The other was a science fiction where a deadly virus spreads and
ruins human population thus educating my viewers on bioterrorism. When this
second book came in 2019 there was no trace of Coronavirus.  I have a
Radio show which has 300 million listeners. I have a TV show which has
viewership of 6.2 million and it broadcasts on Fox 5 plus. I educate my
readers/listeners/viewers on Science, Alternative careers in Science, FDA, CDC
and USDA news. Also I read 1600 briefing of White House on my Radio Show.
Besides this I do book, make -up and movies reviews. Also give education on
book development and marketing of books. Also give Hollywood and Bollywood news
bulletin.Also I make videos on you tube and Vimeo related to these
topics. I also have a book club where I discuss and analyze books giving my
honest opinion. Due to heavy costs involved in it; it is getting very difficult
to further this torch of educating mission without patrons rising to help me.
Hope to see many patrons rising up and helping me in this mission.

Here is the link to my Patreon Page:


Dr.Afshan Hashmi