/Mitt Romney and 2012 Presidential Election: 5 interesting facts that you probably did not know!

Mitt Romney and 2012 Presidential Election: 5 interesting facts that you probably did not know!

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In 2007, Mitt Romney vouched that if he were elected president, he would place a porn filter on every computer!

In 2012 US presidential election, US Head of state (Barack Obama) faced the previous of Massachusetts, Glove Romney from the Republican event. This governmental political election had plenty of intrigue, generally as a result of the huge role that social networking and bookmarking sites such as Facebook, twitter and Reddit have actually played in spreading out messages as well as information about the prospects and their campaigns. Let's consider 5 rate of interest realities regarding Mitt Romney and his project:

5- Romney in an interview with CBS' 60 minutes stated that it is fair for him to make less tax (because of his financial investments), contrasted to a man who makes $50k a year! His reason!? because in his own words" It's properly to motivate economic growth– to get individuals to invest, to begin businesses, to put people to work."

4- In 2007, Romney vowed that if he were chosen head of state, he would place a pornography filter on every computer system! During his presidential campaign, he repeated his hard position against profanity and also pornography as well as he asserted that he would prosecute pornography if elected.

3- When he famously stated: "
We have a president, that I assume is a wonderful individual, however he invested excessive time at Harvard, probably,".
Romney has twice as lots of degrees from Harvard as Obama as well as has actually invested 1 even more year than him there!

2- Romney's leading 5 contributors are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America as well as Credit Scores Suisse. On the other hand, Obama's leading 5 factors are the College of The Golden State, Microsoft, Google, DLA Piper and also Harvard University.

1- Romney as soon as stated: 'We Do not Have Individuals That Die Due To The Fact That They Do Not Have Insurance'.
It is thought that 45,000 Americans pass away every year since they lack medical insurance!

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