/James May’s Trick or Treat! Halloween Special | Smarter Every Day, SORTED food, Ri, Earth Unplugged

James May’s Trick or Treat! Halloween Special | Smarter Every Day, SORTED food, Ri, Earth Unplugged

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We here at Head Squeeze have teamed up with lots of remarkable YouTube Networks to play a video game of technique or treat!

Exactly how are you celebrating the ancient banquet of Samhain?

Hannah Fry shows us her top methods if you're going apple bobbing. Her best item of guidance? Simply open your mouth, be extremely still, as well as wait for the apple to just bob in! Easy!

Maddie and also the group at Planet Unplugged have some spine prickling animal truths. Did you understand the Angler Fish uses a bulb of glowing blue bacteria to attract their target! When the scrumptious unwitting victim approaches, the Fishermen Fish swallows them up before you can say Fish Food

Ben and The Arranged Food boys unleash their dark side with a pleasantly terrible witches' punch with eyeballs. Yum!

Jon Chase tricks us all by turning gewurztraminer right into red wine with a flick of his fingers. Just how do you assume he did it? Was it a magic technique or was he just complying with the scientific research? Leave your comments below!

The awesome Destin from More intelligent Daily produced his really own Halloween fireworks! Don't get as well close it may surprise you in more ways than one!!

Greg Foot thrills all of us with his top 3 Halloween facts. Did you know, according to the Guinness World Records, the heaviest pumpkin was a massive 825 kilos!

Andy and the group at the Ri showed us how spooky as well as distressing elephant toothpaste can be!

Our extremely own Huw James tried to transform Martin Archer into a ghost utilizing the Pepper's Ghost Illusion!

A HUGE THANKS to every person that provided us a trick or treat!


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Satisfied Halloween from everybody below at Head Press!