/Intresting facts about Christmas and Hanukkah

Intresting facts about Christmas and Hanukkah

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Christmas is a special time for all individuals. It is not regarding who will certainly have far better decorations, presents or
more cash. It is necessary to experience them in health and wellness, happiness and also in a household atmosphere.
In December, the Jewish holiday celebrates Hanukkah, or the holy lights. During the eight-day
celebration each day on the Hanukkah nine-armed candlestick, the menor,
the Jews light one candle light On the nine, supporting arm of the candlestick, there are szames – a candle light.
from which the fire is fired. Menora is among the earliest symbols of the Jewish country.
The event of lights was established after the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks.
Their ruler Antiochus IV, earlier winning Jerusalem, restricted Jewish ceremonies and also ordered mistreatment
of non-Jews. After beating the invaders in December 164 BC, the Jews once again sanctified the Jerusalem
Holy place, where throughout the intrusion the Greek king presented the cult of one of the Hellenistic deities.
Hanukkah lasts eight days, due to the fact that so much was the miracle that occurred during the baptism
of the holy place – the oil required for the ceremonies was shedding for 8 days, although it was predicted that it
would certainly be enough for someday.