/Interesting Facts about Birds | Educational Video for Kids.

Interesting Facts about Birds | Educational Video for Kids.

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Did you now that the fastest bird is the peregrine hawk? This bird of prey can reach up to 400 kilometers per hour whist cost-free dropping. Wow it's so quick, bad dove if it were to cross its path …

On the various other hand, the American Woodcock is the slowest bird in the world, flying at a mere speed of 8 km per hour. Oh, check out
it ´ s adorable little babies!

And did you understand that the fastest land bird is the ostrich? This big bird, actually the largest worldwide, can not fly but can rise to 70 kilometers per hour … running … it's faster than a moped!
This tiny hummingbird additionally holds an impressive record. Besides being the smallest bird, it can also flap its wings 200 times per 2nd or simply put, 12 thousand times in a minute … amazing! They defeat so quick that you can barely even see them, and it resembles they are drifting airborne whilst eating …

Did you recognize that the penguin is the marine bird champion? Penguins do not fly as well as on land are instead awkward, but they are incredible in the water. Some types can get to the speed of … 36 kilometers per hour. They swim 4 times faster than an individual can … yet one of the most impressive penguin is the emperor penguin. A person can dive to the depth of 260 meters whereas this penguin types dives 535 meters deep and also can hold its breath for 5 to 18 mins. It's a bird, it has a beak and feathers yet it appears as if it intends to be a fish …

Now we have found out a few records and also remarkable truths regarding birds. The fact is it is attractive observing them fly overhead or swim in the sea but as we are always reminding you in Delighted Learning, so regarding continue enjoying them, we must take care of our environment; do not pollute the air, the sky, the rivers and also seas. We have to deal with our nature and also all that is around us, and also like that we will be able to stay in a happier globe.