/Five Fascinating Facts about Great Blue Herons – Never Stop Learning

Five Fascinating Facts about Great Blue Herons – Never Stop Learning

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Commemorate heron nesting season with five remarkable facts regarding Great Blue Herons! See the online heron camera right here:

1) Fantastic Blue Herons nest in swarms call "heronries" and also return to the very same place each year.

2) An intricate courtship ritual reinforces the bond between mating Fantastic Blue Herons.

3) Males pick the nesting site and give the lady with materials to build the nest.

4) Female herons lay 2-7 pale blue eggs as well as both parents take turn sitting on the nest to keep the eggs cozy.

5) Eggs hatch individually throughout a few days, with the first chick ending up being the most dominant and also hostile in the direction of brother or sisters.

Reward truth) The chicks will be around 85% of an adult's mass after 45 days.

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