/Five Fascinating Facts about Bison – Never Stop Learning

Five Fascinating Facts about Bison – Never Stop Learning

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Bison are one of the great icons of the North American Continent. Today we're sharing five facts regarding Bison. Checkout our bison web cam at Grasslands National forest below:

At birth, bison weigh in between 30-70 pounds & can walk within a few hrs.

By the age of one, after that can weigh nearly 400 pounds!

In order to consume adequate nutrients, bison spend between 9 and also 11 hours foraging for food daily!

" Wallowing" is when a bison rolls in the dust to discourage insect bites and also to help drop fur.

It is estimated that 50 to 60 million bison roamed The United States and Canada's plains when Europeans initially gotten here on the continent.

As an outcome of searching, by 1889 less than 1,000 continued to be throughout the entire continent. Today there are 500,000.

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