/Fastest 100m in high heels in Guinness World Record attempt

Fastest 100m in high heels in Guinness World Record attempt

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Running in high heels has the capacity of leaving you with a broken footwear. Nonetheless, a lady from Germany has actually avoided the 'unimaginable' as well as damaged a globe document rather. Julia Plecher, from Ruckersdorf, has actually run 100 metres in 14.531 seconds, using glossy gold heels. She has raced into the Guinness World Records and has actually been included in its 2014 book.

Julia has a history of running in heels. She participated in a 'stiletto race' in Berlin back in 2009, and regardless of the guideline being a seven centimetre heel, she chose an 8.5 cm one. She ended up winning the race.

Julia has previously claimed the essential to not falling over is unsurprisingly now the program is made.

" You require footwear which preferably are enclosed the front because you operate on the front part of the foot. You need to take care not to elope. I believe shoes would certainly not be also appropriate," Plecher claimed. Report by Ashley Fudge.

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