/Facts About Outer Space ~drawing explanation ASMR~

Facts About Outer Space ~drawing explanation ASMR~

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Hi fellow area time vacationers! Invite to another ASMR video clip, this time I am mosting likely to be discussing deep space, while attracting. I discover it much better to clarify things while creating things down or forming images in my head and placing them down pen/ pencil to paper, due to the fact that it aids me describe far better as well as remember things more plainly. In this video clip, I am doing a discussion about several different topics. Below is a time code stamping listed below of all the things I discuss, in certain amount of time of this video clip.

01:55– 05:40 Black Holes (quilt/ fabric of area time & gravity).
05:50– 09:40 Our Solar System (sun, worlds, planet belt, etc).
09:45– 12:55 Earth!
13:00– 15:20 Aliens ?!
15:25– 17:30 Possible Life on Various Other Worlds?
17:35– 20:00 Various Other Galaxies & Compositions of our Understood World.
20:05– 22:40 Rate of Light.
22:45– 26:35 Observable World VS. Other Prospective Universes?
26:40– 27:30 Reality in our Minds, Regulation of Tourist Attraction, Virtual Reality (online fact) concept?
27:35– 28:40 Final thought.
28:45– 29:25 My Viral Instagram Christmas Makeup Video Under "Strangely Enjoyable"?

History area picture utilized in this video:.

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