/Disturbing Facts about US Presidential Election 2016

Disturbing Facts about US Presidential Election 2016

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Disturbing Facts about US Presidential Election 2016
Truth # 1
US political races are most likely to invest $51 for every certified voter.

Fact # 2.
If Hillary Clinton wins she can come to be the first female president, and even the initial former first girl to movie back into the white house by basic election.

Reality # 3.
Online Political advertisement spending is anticipated to increase to almost $1 billion in 2016.

Truth # 4.
Costs by candidates, celebrations as well as outside groups as well as individuals may approach $10 billion.

Fact # 5.
You're most likely to get struck by lightning in Texas than to discover any kind of type of citizen scams.

Truth # 6.
Male benefactors surpass and also outspend women donors in reported political offering ($ 200 and also over).

Reality # 7.
Under Republicans, economic crises occur four times as regularly as under Democrats.

Truth # 8.
On the major GOP governmental argument: "Not one prospect on the dispute phase has armed forces experience".

Reality # 9.
The stock exchange does better when you have a Democratic president in the White Residence.

Fact # 10.
Hillary Clinton's top 10 contributors are generally "banks, corporations and media," while Bernie Sanders' top 10 contributors are organized labor.

Fact # 11.
In the 2016 race, 2 prospect browsed the web to make their large news with a simple tweet.

Truth # 12.
A study reveals that 54% adult usage web to get info about 2016 political elections.

Truths # 13.
GOP voters like a prospect with tried and tested record to one with new ideas.

Reality # 14.
citizens paying much less focus to presidential race than eight years back.

Truth # 15.
22% of adults utilize Twitter and facebook to get information as well as review regarding political elections.

Truth # 16.
Bernie Sanders projects say as of midnight they elevated $26 millions this quarter; $2.07 million on the internet today (30st sept 2015). They call it a record day exceeding Obama.

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