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Dire Wolves – 10 Facts | Love Nature

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Video game of Thrones' Alarming Wolves aren't fiction, and also here's 10 unusual things you may not have actually found out about them. Make sure to sign up for Love nature for more wild animals docudramas.

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The Alarming Wolf Task:

Video Game of Thrones Direwolves:

Alarming Wolf Physical Characteristics, Extinction, General Facts:

Alarming Wolf is the largest Canis:

Dire Wolf vs. Saber Tooth

Hypercarnivore as well as teeth:

Bite Force:
Barry Lopez in Of Wolves and also Guy specifies the bite pressure of a Grey Wolf is 1500 PSI.

In a video from National Geographic, they specify the bite force of a Grey Wolf is 406 PSI.

The bite pressure of an Alarming Wolf is estimated to be 129% that of the Grey Wolf.

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