/Chinese New Year Facts You Probably Don’t Know

Chinese New Year Facts You Probably Don’t Know

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Chinese new year is commemorated by 1/5 of the globe's populace.
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This is how you write Delighted New Year in Chinese: 新年快乐

1. Chinese brand-new year is a festival that 1/5th of the worlds population celebrates.

2. It starts on the very first day of the lunar month and also keeps choosing 15 days till the moon is full … so annually, the precise day it begins is different yet it constantly drops between January 21 and February 20.

3. This holiday is accountable for the globes largest quantity of fireworks usage as well as a lot of chinese think that the noise as well as light from the fireworks scares away evil spirits.

4. Chinese brand-new year triggers over a billion people to travel that makes this moment of hyear the largest annual migration of humans.

5. At the stroke of twelve o'clock at night it's common that every door and window is open so that the old year can leave and also the brand-new year can make it's way in.

6. The Chinese have actually been celebrating this holiday for more than 4,000 years.

7. Every chinese new year is named after among 12 animals. Every 12 years they go through that checklist and after that it begins once again. 2016 is the year of the ape.

8. The Chinese new year parade in San Francisco is the greatest party for Chinese new year outside of Asia.

9. In 2014 a mistranslated brand-new years welcoming by the BBC stated "welcome to the year of the whores" instead of "welcome to the year of the equine."

10. This is how you write Pleased New Year in Chinese: 新年快乐


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