/Best of January 2018 – Guinness World Records

Best of January 2018 – Guinness World Records

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An assemble of some of the very best document titles we have actually approved in January 2018 as well as some video clips that we've launched thrown in also! Find out more:

Farthest forward flip trampoline slam dunk– 0:09
Many walnuts smashed with a nunchuku in a minute– 0:25
Fastest half marathon impersonated a gingerbread man– 0:32
Largest airborne firework covering– 0:42
Best range lorry drift in 8 hrs– 0:58
A lot of full contact punch strikes in one minute (one hand)– 1:17
Fastest bike wheelie over 100 metres– 1:21
Longest bicycle– 1:31
Heaviest weight lifted in 2 mins bench press– 1:47
Farthest BMX limbless manual– 1:52
Many successive backcross juggling catches (5 things)– 1:59
Many balloons rupture with a blown flame by a fire rest– 2:07
A lot of cucumbers sliced from an individual's mouth with a sword in one min– 2:17
Many matchsticks extinguished with the tongue in one min– 2:22
Most dual leg circle rotations on a mushroom instructor in one min– 2:36
A lot of raw eggs cracked and also eaten in 30 seconds– 2:53
Highest stack of doughnuts in one minute– 3:20
A lot of air rings blown underwater– 3:36
Many handling catches in one min blindfolded (3 spheres)– 3:47
Fastest opening of golf, person– 4:01
Fastest time to drink a bottle of catsup– 4:49
The majority of complete get in touch with elbow joint strikes in one min (alternative joints)– 5:12
Fastest time to deposit 20 coins right into a piggy financial institution using chopsticks– 5:22
Longest duration to hang put on hold by the teeth– 5:30
Most carrots chopped in one min– 5:44
Farthest distance strolled balancing a lawnmower on the chin (powered)– 5:58
Lots of people carrying out a headstand– 6:40
Most swing dance turns soon– 6:50
Most complete call knee strikes in one minute (alternate legs)– 7:10
Tiniest fidget rewriter– 7:25
Longest twin automobile drift (water assisted)– 7:37
A lot of Butterfly rope technique changes in one min– 8:15
The majority of coins piled right into a tower in one minute (group of 2)– 8:24
Largest snow painting– 8:41
Most successive basketball free tosses while blindfolded– 8:53
Largest business card– 9:12
The majority of consecutive football touches with the shoulders– 9:20
Most samurai swords managed– 9:29
Many ruby rise in one min– 9:44
Biggest T-shirt– 10:07 ———————————————————————————————-
At Guinness World Records we wish to show that every person worldwide is the best at something, as well as we're below to measure it! Whether you've obtained the stretchiest skin, recognize the globe's smallest pet or intend to create the largest human dominoes chain we wish to find out about it.

Right here on the Guinness World Records YouTube network we wish to display amazing talent. If you're trying to find video clips featuring the globe's tallest, quickest, fastest, longest, earliest and most amazing things on earth, you remain in the ideal area.

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