/Best of February 2018 – Guinness World Records

Best of February 2018 – Guinness World Records

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A lot of walnuts squashed by the hand in one minute
Many mats reduced by single martial arts sword cut
A lot of burpees using high heels in one minute
The majority of diamond rise in one min (man).
Many shaker cups managed.
Longest zip cable.
Heaviest lorry pushed over 100ft (male).
Most behind-the-back flying disc (frisbee) captures in one min.
Most golf rounds strike over 100 lawns in three minutes.
Largest spray paint mural by a team.
Fastest skateboard rate downhill (standing).
Many knuckle raise lugging a 40lb pack (man).
Largest human image of a country– continent.
Many side enters one min.
Largest painting by mouth by a person.
Largest Kathak dance.
Biggest scone.
Most countries seen by bicycle in 7 days.
A lot of claps in a minute.
Many lit candles in the mouth.
Biggest celebration of people impersonated Harry Potter.
Most basketball onward flip bang dunks.
Most straw in a beard.
A lot of identical bar dips in one min with a 40lb pack.
Biggest paint by foot (person).
A lot of backwards skips overs a trap 30 seconds.
Many hula hoop turnings on the leg in the arabesque placement in one min.
The majority of complete call knee strikes in 3 minutes (one leg).
Longest line of dice.
Longest duration spinning a fidget rewriter on one hand.
Longest period of fire lantern teething.
The majority of knuckle rise in one minute (man).
Greatest standing jump bring a 40lb pack.


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Here on the Guinness World Records YouTube channel we intend to showcase extraordinary ability. If you're searching for videos featuring the globe's tallest, fastest, fastest, lengthiest, oldest as well as most extraordinary things on the planet, you remain in the right location.


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