/Best of 2017 – Guinness World Records

Best of 2017 – Guinness World Records

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A round up of all the most effective video clips included on the Guinness Globe Records YouTube channel in 2017

Most staircases climbed while stabilizing a person on the head
The majority of skips by an individual as well as a canine
Largest tire mark photo
Biggest collection of burger related things
Forensic musician helps catch over 1,000 wrongdoers
Canine with the longest tail:
Fastest side wheelie lap of the Nurburgring
Farthest range to toss a washing equipment

Largest Taekwondo display
Biggest horn period on a goat
A lot of deathtruck rotates in one minute
Many eggs in mugs blown upside down in one min
The majority of complete body transformations keeping a breast stand
Most birthday celebration candles lit with the feet in one minute
The majority of finger snaps in one min
First robotic table tennis tutor

Breakdance record attempts with ASHITAKA
A lot of hamburgers consumed in one min
Longest time to spray water from the mouth
Biggest wave surfed
Many martial arts sword cuts in one minute (rush straw).
Longest duration limiting 4 motorbikes.
Most seen pet on YouTube.
Most dominoes toppled in a circle.
A lot of double dutch-style skips in 30 seconds.

Biggest collection of Hello there Feline souvenirs.
Fastest time to stand out 100 balloons by a pet.
A lot of selfies absorbed three mins.
Jump shot tutorial.
Longest time spinning a basketball on a guitar.
A lot of knock dunks with a trampoline by a team in one min.
A lot of "Around the globe" ball control tricks in one min (male).

A lot of eco-friendly coconuts smashed with the head in one minute.
Longest avoiding rope.
Many bum avoids in one min.
Most matches snuffed out on the tongue in one min.
The majority of baseball bats braked with the shins in one min.
The majority of Bhut Jolokia chilies eaten in 2 minutes.
Greatest catch of a rotating basketball on the finger.

Longest time rotating a basketball on a toothbrush.
The majority of skips over a solitary trap one min by a team.
The majority of "Around The World" sphere control methods in one minute (male).
Fastest piano crucial hitting.
Biggest Kaikottikali dancing.
Most successive football touches with the shoulders.
Fastest time to stroll 10m on glass containers.
The majority of powdered mini donuts consumed in 3 mins.

A lot of drinks canisters squashed by hand while holding an egg in 30 seconds.
The majority of one-handed claps in one min.
Peggy Whitson interview.
Many consecutive one handed backflips.
The majority of raise in 1 hour.
Outermost snap roll in a manufacturing vehicle.

The majority of robotics dancing at the same time.
Most basketball jumps in one minute.
Fastest time to damage 16 concrete blocks on the body (male).
Many dominoes toppled undersea.
Many bring up in one minute.
A lot of ropes missed.
Many consecutive cars leapt over on a pogo stick.

Guinness Globe Records 2018 Annual.
The majority of pound dunks in one minute by a bunny.
Tallest High Top Fade.
Most consecutive backflips on an Oriental plank.
Largest collection of Teddy Bears.
Tallest pet cat & Longest tail on a cat.
Longest legs (female).
Largest Game Kid.
Longest finger nails (woman).
Donkey Kong high rating.
Oldest affordable body building contractor.
Highest get on a pogo stick.

Largest M&M's mosaic.
Longest tongue on a pet.
Fastest towed speed on skis.
A lot of balloons blown up in one hr.
Most walnuts squashed by hand in one min.
Many twisting backflips off a wall in one minute.
Biggest celebration of people impersonated Wally/Waldo.
Sonic Fox.

Fastest rate in a body-controlled jet engine.
The majority of eye to eye football rolls in one min.
Fastest time to take a trip 20m in a contortion roll.
Biggest collection of X-Men memorabilia.
A lot of skips in one minute by a jumping robotic.
Biggest pram.
Largest sticker ball.
Biggest hula hoop rotated.
Biggest mechanical wings on a cosplay costume.

First prosthetic arm based on a video game.
The majority of behind the back frisbee captures in one minute.
Tallest Star Wars cosplay.
Largest Balloon Costume.


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