/Awesome Space Facts for World Space Week I Martin Archer I Head Squeeze

Awesome Space Facts for World Space Week I Martin Archer I Head Squeeze

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How are you noting World Area Week? We have made a decision to bring you some awesome head press space facts!

Fact 1: Deep space began 14 billion years ago.

Reality 2: Our nearby star is called Proxima Centauri which is 4.22 light years away.

Truth 3: Area officially starts at the Karman line which is 100km over the planet.

Fact 4: A Soyuz pill will certainly take you to the International Space Station.

Reality 5: When removing from Russia the cosmonauts kick you in the bottom as you climb up right into the Soyuz pill.

Truth 6: At launch regarding 90% of the rocket's weight is the fuel utilized to power itself and a lot of that is used up in the very first couple of mins.

Fact 7: Black holes are areas precede where there is so much gravity absolutely nothing can leave.

Fact 8: In one 2nd the sunlight creates 500,000 years of energy.

Fact 9: James May farted in a spacesuit.

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