/Australia Facts For Kids – Cool, Fun Facts about Australia for Children

Australia Facts For Kids – Cool, Fun Facts about Australia for Children

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From Sydney to Melbourne, Canberra to the West Shore as well as the Wilderness, learn more about just how Australia happened, its location, individuals, nature, animals, terrifying snakes and also tons more!

Find out about the initial people to reside in Australia – the Aborigines. They have actually been there for around 60,000 years! Next off came the Torres Strait Islanders.

Did you know that Australia was really very first called 'New Holland'. This was prior to the British shown up and established the first ever swarm.

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Well, the name 'Australia' was first offered to the nation in 1824, yet you'll have to watch the video to find out where the name 'Australia' comes from!

It's a land with a remarkable location – discover all about the woodlands, parks, rivers and also coastlines of Australia. It's not simply a warm nation or a continent, yet also an island! This is a truth that is simple to miss.

91% of Australia is covered in greenery.

Canberra was picked as the capital as Sydney as well as Melbourne couldn't quit arguing over which one ought to be named the resources city!

Uluru is the largest lone-standing rock on the planet. It is a massive red rock in the middle of the desert. Pretty cool.

England would certainly fit into Western Australia 21 times, while Germany would fit 7 times! That is just one state, don't bother the rest of this big nation.

In Winter, Australia can obtain more snow than Switzerland!

You'll have to get on an airplane to see some pets that can only be located in Australia. It is also home to several of the most dangerous animals in the world. Take care if you go there! It has 20 of the around 25 sorts of poisonous serpents in the world.

The Great Reef is very cool! It has greater than 3,000 reefs that develop part of it, as well as greater than 1,500 species of fish. It is the greatest reef in the world. Would certainly you like to take a dive down there?

Australia is house to the world's biggest Greek population … well apart from Athens, Greece.

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