/Amazing Facts About Courtenay, British Columbia

Amazing Facts About Courtenay, British Columbia

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Courtenay is a gorgeous city on eastern coast of the Vancouver Island, in Canadian district of BC. Courtenay is just one of the biggest city in location which is generally known as Comox Valley and is seat of Comox Valley Regional District, that replaced Comox Strathcona Regional Area. Fantastic Facts concerning Courtenay, British Columbia make Courtenary a remarkable location in British Columbia

Courtenay is just 4km west of community of Comox, 7km northeast of village of Cumberland and only 5km northwest of an unincorporated negotiation if Royston and also 108km northwest of Nanaimo. Courtenay, together with Victoria and Nanaimo, is the house to Canadian Scottish Program, it is a key reserve routine of Canadian Forces.

Incredible Facts about Courtenay, British Columbia.

1. Around 80 million years earlier, an Elasmosaur swam in warm shallow sea which is currently called Comox Valley.

2. Comox Valley is the home to the human populace for greater than 4,000 years.

3. In year 1792, Europeans made a call with Salish individuals when HMS Discovery anchored in the Comox Harbour.

4. In year 1862, the very initial European inhabitants began to show up.

5. Sir Francis Drake made a reference to the landing in 1579 in 'New Albion'. This area which he stated is a said to be Comox.

6. In year 1874, the very first bridge in Courtenay was constructed over Courtenay River, and wharf federal government was constructed at "The Touchdown". It is one of the Remarkable Facts concerning Courtenay, British Columbia.

7. In year 1876, Goose Spit became training base for Royal Navy.

8. In year 1877, the very first school was built on Anderton Roadway. A single room informed qualities from1-8.

9. In 1888, Robert Dunsmuir founded Cumberland with an initial name Union.

10. Cumberland was the residence to among the 5th biggest Chinese negotiation in the British Columbia. It had 2 400-seat theaters which hosted Chinese acrobats and singers.

11. In year 1914, E & N Railway links an area to Victoria and Nanaimo.

12. In year 1915, Courtenay includes as a single city in Comox Valley.

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