/9 Awesome Facts About Easter Island

9 Awesome Facts About Easter Island

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Rapa Nui or Easter Island is a remote island with a lot of concepts about the inhabitants, the statues and also the past as well as history. Below are some truths concerning Easter Island.

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When one considers adventure they think about areas like Egypt with its pyramids shrouded in secret, as well as while Egypt is interesting there is another area just as fascinating as well as filled with mystery. Join us as we look at some awesome realities concerning Easter Island!

The Statues:
Easter Island additionally recognized by its native name Rapa Nui is most famously recognized for the lots of large statuaries that stay on the island. These statuaries are called Moai as well as are believed to have been sculpted by the Rapa Nui people somewhere between 1250 CE and also 1500 CE. While at first it shows up the sculptures only consist of huge heads, excavators dug deeper down and also found bodies!

Its Name:
Easter Island obtained its label from Jacob Roggeveen. He was among the first European site visitors that were tape-recorded to have actually been on the island, when he came it was on April 5, 1722 and that day was significant due to it being Easter Sunday, which is exactly how Jacob chose to define it, and also the nickname stuck!

Exactly How Statuaries were Relocated:
No one makes sure just how the statues on Easter Island were moved given that they were carried 11 miles across the island without utilizing wheels, or various other means of transport that would have been available at that time.

A Theft of a Moai Ear

It was in 2008 when a vacationer was found on Anakena coastline trying to eliminate an ear off of a moai. A native islander took place to see Marko Kulju 26 at the time running from the scene with a tranquility of a Moai in his hand.

Islanders Toppled Statues!
Easter Island underwent a really harsh period where it faced devastation in terms of deforestation.

The Island has Its Own Language!
Rongorongo is the main script of Easter Island. It is among minority well-known manuscripts that was produced with no influence from outdoors sources.

The Island has a Cult!
In the 17th and 18th centuries there were numerous concerns with deforestation, as well as overworking of the land which depleted the natural deposits. With this came numerous solid religions.

The Island has its very own Money!
Because Easter Island belongs of Chile it does utilize the money of Chile which is a Chilean peso. Nevertheless Easter Island additionally does have its own money also! In 2008 coins were created as well as in 2012 banknotes were produced and also named rongo.

Easter Islands Defense
There are numerous native weapons to Easter Island, however they were extremely limited. Some well-known tools were spears made out of obsidian, brief clubs, and also stones that were tossed.