/8 Fun Facts About Popular Horror Movies (from Halloween to Jaws)

8 Fun Facts About Popular Horror Movies (from Halloween to Jaws)

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For horror film followers, below are 8 interesting realities concerning popular scary films! Delighted #Halloween!


8- "The Exorcist" (1973 )

Linda Blair obtained death hazards from religious fanatics after the release of the film.

Therefore, Warner Bros needed to employ bodyguards to secure her for couple of months.

7- "Psycho" (1960 )
" Janet Leigh" wasn't troubled by the famous shower scene in the flick.

However, she was really repossessed when she watched it later on.

She never ever used a shower again and she only took bathrooms later on!

6- "A Nightmare on Elm Road" (1984 )
" David Detector" was the initial choice for Freddy Krueger.

He needed to drop out from the motion picture due to organizing problems. Robert Englund obtained the role instead.

5- "Jaws" (1975 )
During the filming, the mechanical shark malfunctioned often times.

Spielberg determined to film from the shark's point of view. This made the motion picture much more chilling.

4- "Halloween" (1978 )
The mask of "Michael Myers" was based upon the Star Expedition actor, "William Shatner".

3- "The Radiating" (1980 )
" Danny Lloyd" didn't recognize he was playing in a scary movie. The 6-year old learnt the truth a number of years later on.

" The Beaming" was his last motion picture and he at some point became an instructor.

2- "Suffering" (1990 )
" Annie" stood for the reliance of the author, Stephen King, on drugs and alcohol.

Like a drug, she was the No. 1 follower that never ever wanted to leave.

1- "Night of the Living Dead" (1968 )
The flick was accidentally launched in the general public domain.

The factor? due to the fact that the distributor forgot to place a copyright notice on it!


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