/30 AMAZING Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Secrets and Easter Eggs!

30 AMAZING Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Secrets and Easter Eggs!

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I finally made right into Celebrity Wars: Galaxy's Side and in classic Locate The Mouse fashion I determined to discover ALOT of tricks and also easter eggs hidden throughout Black Apex Station in Batuu at Disneyland!

Below's a checklist of every one of the tricks as well as easter eggs I located:
1. R2D2 Tracks – A New Hope
2. Dianoga – A New Hope
3. Landspeeder – Solo
4. Loth-Cat – Star Wars Rebels
5. Watto – The Phantom Threat
6. Tornado Cannon Fodder Doll – Rogue One
7. Jabba The Hut's Sail Barge – Return of The Jedi
8. Naboo N1 Starfighters – The Phantom Hazard
9. Kenobi vs. Vader Marionettes – A New Hope
10. Gorg – The Phantom Threat
11. Covering Competing Engine – The Phantom Hazard
12. 8D8 – Return of the Jedi
13. Black Spire – The city pointed out in Solo
14. Planetoid Valleys Necklace – A New Hope
15. Medal of Fearlessness – A New Hope
16. Imperial Guard – Strike of the Duplicates
17. Mandalorian Signage – The Empire Strikes Back
18. Tauntaun – The Realm Strikes Back
19. Nexu – Attack of the Clones
20. IG-88 – The Empire Strikes Back
21. Ark of the Covenant – Raiders of the Lost Ark.
22. Wampa – The Realm Strikes Back.
23. Jedi vs. Sith Mural – Vengeance of The Sith.
24. '77, '80, '83 – Celebrity Wars Movies.
25. Imperial Probe Droid – The Realm Strikes Back.
26. Battle Androids – The Phantom Hazard.
27. EG-6 Power Android – A New Hope.
28. K-2SO – Rogue One.
29. 2-1B – The Empire Strikes Back.
30. Pit Droid – The Phantom Menace.

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