/11 Most Shocking Facts About Dinosaurs That Were Unknown

11 Most Shocking Facts About Dinosaurs That Were Unknown

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What do most of us know about dinosaurs? A few of them were actually large, several of them had plumes, and they all went extinct 66 million years ago … Okay, however what if I told you that there were chicken-sized dinosaurs? Or that some dinosaurs had fur? Or that they aren't actually extinct?

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The T-Rex had not been the biggest dinosaur by far 0:24

Dinosaurs weren't the largest animals ever before 1:16

Dinosaurs aren't actually extinct 1:58

Dinosaurs were dressed in plumes, not scales 2:59

Jurassic Park simply might end up being a thing one day 3:53

The greatest herbivores had equally big diet plans 4:43

There were chicken-sized dinosaurs 5:27

Dinosaurs had fleas the size of cockroaches 6:03

Meat-eating dinosaurs had rather big minds 6:35

Dinosaurs lost their skin 7:22

Some dinosaurs had fur 8:04

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– With a max length of 40 feet as well as a weight of about 10 bunches, the T-Rex was a pip-squeak compared to the largest land dinosaur: the Argentinosaurus.
– As high as we're utilized to assuming dinosaurs were the hugest things on earth, well, they weren't. Actually, the biggest known animal in this world's history is heaven whale.
– According to scientists from the University of Berkeley, birds aren't just remote relatives of dinosaurs however are dinosaurs themselves!
– As more fossils were uncovered over time, paleontologists later ended that many dinosaurs, including the T-Rex as well as its kin, had actually feathers connected to their bones.
– The not-yet-hatched chicks expanded with lower limbs resembling those of old reptiles. Aside from totally clinical concept, this experiment revealed that birds could without a doubt someday be turned into real dinos.
– The tiniest well-known dinosaur to this day is called Compsognathus, as well as it was practically the dimension of a poultry.
– Carnivorous dinosaurs, or meat eaters, had a much bigger mind. So, all those photos showing this killer with a brain the dimension of a walnut are just not accurate.
– A 2018 research study released in the journal Nature Communications showed that fossilized dino dandruff could be proof that the ancient reptiles likewise shed their skins!
– Paleontologists from the College of Bristol suggested that some Pterosaurs may've had numerous kinds of body covering at the same time. They had plumes on their head and also wings, while their entire body was covered in soft fuzzy hair.

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