/10 Pcs Clear Plastic Childrens Face Shields

10 Pcs Clear Plastic Childrens Face Shields

1. Covers and protects your children and kids faces and eyes. These face shields for safety and protection are a must have for safety and protection of your invaluable assets. Get these safety fields for safety and feel safer. Size of shield 11.41″ Wide x 7.08″ High.

2. Transparent, lightweight, and easy to breathe.

3. Disposable face shield is a polycarbonate face shield that is a safety gear for general protection, as plastic face shields for women and face shieldsfor men.

4. Suitable for boys, girls, kids and children. Can be used as a face shield for women, face shield for men, and as a safety shields for face. Each mask measures 11.41”L x 1.00”D x 7.08”H. The clear plastic face shield are disposable face shields and an essential necessity for people for people who want to protect their faces for extra protection and want a face cover protective shield for face shield protection.

Safety Protection for girls