/10 Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs

10 Interesting Facts about Dinosaurs

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For over 135 million years, dinosaurs ruled the earth. Check out the globe's most amazing primitive animals with these intriguing dinosaur realities, including special attributes, dinosaur eggs, data, impressive statistics, fossils, as well as a lot more.

1. Dinosaurs controlled Earth for over 165 million years. Humans have been around for only 0.1% of that time.

2. About 40% of Americans think that dinosaurs and human beings lived at the very same time.

3. Individuals initially believed that dinosaur fossils were the remains of titans or dragons.

4. Velociraptors were approximately the size of a little turkey.

5. Mary Anning (1799-1847) was just one of the most well-known of all dinosaur fossil seekers. However, she was never taken as seriously since she was a female and she was bad.

6. Dinosaurs usually swallowed large rocks. These rocks stayed in their stomachs as well as assisted them grind up food.

7. The toothiest dinosaurs were the hadrosaurids. They had more than 1,000 teeth as well as constantly expanded brand-new ones.

8. Many researchers think that birds are dinosaurs as well as, consequently, dinosaurs are not really vanished.

9. The time separating Stegosaurus as well as Tyrannosaurus is higher than the moment separating Tyrannosaurus and also modern human beings.

10. The spikes at the end of a dinosaur's tail are called a thagomizer. Illustrator Gary Larson coined the term in his comic strip The Much Side in 1982.

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