/10 AMAZING Facts about the 12 APOSTLES

10 AMAZING Facts about the 12 APOSTLES

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The 12 Apostles, the key discplies as well as closest fans of Christ. They instructed, traveled and also spread out the Gospel to the globe!
Right here are some remarkable truths you probably didn't understand.

The 12 Apostles:
– Peter (birthed Simon).
– Andrew, sibling of Peter.
– James, kid of Zebedee.
– John, sibling of James, kid of Zebedee.
– Philip.
– Bartholomew.
– Thomas.
– Matthew.
– James, boy of Alphaeus.
– Judas Thaddeus, also known as Jude, brother of James.
– Simon the Activist, additionally referred to as Simon the Canaanite.
– Judas Iscariot (betrayer).
– Matthias, not one of the initial Apostles.
– Paul of Tarsus.

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